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Environmental protection : One popular bollywood song goes like this, “GIVE ME SOME SUNSHINE GIVE ME SOME RAIN GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE WHEN I GROW UP ONCE AGAIN.” It is not only applicable in case of human being but also appropriate with plants and trees for the benefit of a congenial environment.

As Gandhiji said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” This valuable quote of Bapuji denotes about ecological the balance between man and nature. The moment we cross the limit hazards open its paw to play havoc on environment. Its like bread and butter. As long as the surrounding is safe and hygienic and we inhale clean air, drink pure water and plenty of greenery mankind along with other domestic creatures will flourish.

* Traditionally air, water and forests are the main aspects of environment. Any negative activity in one affects all of these directly or indirectly. Since time immemorial deforestation for establishment, cultivation, hunting, wooden furniture and making household things out of wood is a common practice. Cutting of trees, converting forest lands for dwelling and cultivation purpose changed the climatic condition resulting less rainfall and season change.

* With the marching of civilization, stone age was superseded steel age and a large number of industries sprang up. Noise pollution due to plant operation, air pollution due to hazardous gas like release from chimneys, running of heavy vehicles and water pollution due to passing of wastes from factories have become common now-a-days.

* Mining operation in forest areas, deep hole blasting in jungle or nearest to basti areas also affect the environment. Running of uncovered trucks loaded with Iron Ore and fines spreads dusts in the atmosphere. Deforestation along with deep hole blasting is a cause for ecological imbalance. Measures to be taken to prevent these from further deterioration.

* The above mentioned points are traditional and attracts the attention automatically for remedial measures. Besides these there are many which directly involve the common man and can be controlled with minimum effort. Some of these are as follows :

* The sewerage system is to properly maintained to drain out the wastes from houses so that without being scattered proper treatment can be given without passing it to rivers or other waters which is being utilized for drinking and other purpose.

* The use of polythin and other materials which is difficult to damage is to be avoided. In place of the same paper items are more convenient. Because paper bags can be easily damaged and decomposed. On the contrary polythin and plastic items cannot be damaged. As a result it affects the fertility of the land, water pollution and a large number of cattie die every year by eating polythin.

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