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                   Achyutant is a Bhubaneshwar based registered Trust, under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Its proposed branch offices will be set up over India. We are an organization for the promotion of Odissi Dance & Culture, Sports, Beauty, skin care & Health solutions among women.

Women- The society creator is no more restricted as a mother, sister, wife and a daughter. Rather, she has now carved herself into a much more independent and respectful shape which now demands an identity of its own. Encouraging women in the path of their destination is the key-device to enable them resurrects their status multifariously in the society and reconciles them to share virilities of the fast developing world..

We are "ACHYUTANT" family

We striving for the global woman in you….Move Forward & Join With Us

   Trustee at Achyutant Trust

Executive Director

I am honored to serve as the Executive Director of "Achyutant Trust". As we work to discover ways to change the world through women empowerment, we must recognize we are interdependent upon each other for success.


DURING THE PAST YEAR, the Trust, like other organizations, has been adjusting to changes and attempting to learn as we go.The great point is to bring them(women) the real facts.Have impact—to make a difference is our most critical commitment.

   Executive Members at Achyutant Trust

Asst. Gen. Secretary

My name is Sunil Murarka. I am the Assistant General Secretary at the Achyutant Trust. My plan is to let you know about decisions being made by the Trust's Board of Trustees and Council throughout the year.We believe that truth, honesty, frankness and sincerity form the foundation of trust: that opportunities are endless, but the goal is striving for excellence and betterment.

Asst. Gen. Secretary

On behalf of Achyutant Trust I have the pleasure to welcome you to the Achyutant Trust. Our main focus is to women empowerment, health and humanatarian projects. We continuously aim to raise the operational standards of our projects and improve our facilities for the purpose of meeting the needs of the rural people.


"Different things are accomplished by those who dare to dream big and move heaven and earth to realize those dreams". We learn to take up new challenges every day for the betterment of womens. It is true that great accomplishments originate from dreams converted into reality.

   Members at Achyutant Trust



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