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Aims & Objectives

The Trust shall utilize funds/grants received in cash or kind, movable and immovable properties for the work of the trust “ACHYUTANT trust” from the well wishers/Government and other Funding agency for the following objectives and purposes. To nurture healthy attitude towards development of the mental, physical and moral upliftment of the younger generation and all those connected with the institution so as to make then good and responsible citizens for an honourable and dignified way of life.

1) To conduct plantation programme

2) To institute and award scholarship in India for study, research and apprentice for all educational purposes such as extension of schools, college, industrial and technical schools, educational fair, spiritual, vocational institutions.

3) To effect out Socio-economic and all round development of downtrodden, Dalits, Tribal cross-section of people of society at large.

4) To conduct Day care centers, orphanages and welfare institutions generally for the poor and needy, disabled persons.

5) To afford relief for people in distress due to natural calamities, accident, earthquake, flood, famine and epidemic through disaster preparedness and management programmes.

6) To carry out community development programmes like Tourism, Health Training & Health Awareness programmes like Aids awareness, Eye Camp, Blood Donation, for the uplipment of the economically weaker section of the society and also construct and develop resource centers to carry out the same activities.

7) To provide food, shelter, clothing. Medical care through hospital, Nursing home and education for the needy and socially excluded unnatural disasters.

8) To invert or dispose or transfer and otherwise deal with the subject matter of the Trust in such manner as the Trustees should deem so as to enable the society to fulfil on the objectives of the trust effectively.

9) To inspire the people to give up their life-controlling habits such as, Drinking, Smoking, Gambling and harmful Drugs intake.

10) To take the different development programmes such as water supply, road reconstruction, Sanitation, a forestation, Child labour, Literacy, Sustainable Agriculture, Disaster Management, Rural Sports Development, , Vaccination, Women development & empowerment, Tribal Affairs, etc.

11) To print and publish literature such as tracts, Magazines, Pamphlets, Books and Booklets.

12) To cooperate and operate with the likeminded NGOs, Societies, or Associations in India and abroad.

13) To establish, maintain, run. develop, improve, extend, grant donations for and to aid and assist in the extension of hospitals, clinics, X-ray plants, dispensaries, maternity houses, recreation centers and all similar institutions.

14) To purchase or to acquire on lease or in exchange or hire or to acquire by gift or otherwise and to hold and deal in whenever necessary in movable property or any right or privilege that may be deemed necessary for the promotion and advancement of the objects of the Trust or any of them and to enter into any contract to execute such convenience as may be necessary or required.

15) To borrow or raise money whenever necessary for some urgent and important work of the Trust or for its maintenance and uplift or for any other religious or charitable purpose by the issuance of or upon Bond, Promissory Notes, Debentures or other securities or by mortgaging the property of the Trust, or to meet other obligations as may be determined by the Trust from time to time.

16) To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.

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