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"Women Empowerment"



"Sevayam means service"
In ACHYUTANT TRUST, seva refers to selfless service for altruistic purposes on behalf of, and for the betterment of a Community.
A sevadar is one who performs seva through philanthropic, voluntary, selfless, service.
Achyutant is a Bhubaneshwar based registered Trust.To promote humility and demote egoism which is a basic concept of our trust.Sevayam is a great idea in that it is meant to indicate the service of humanity for no personal gain - mental or physical.

ACHYUTANT’s main goals are to organise women workers for full employment. Full employment means employment whereby workers obtain work security, income security, food security and social security (at least health care, child care and shelter). ACHYUTANT organises women to ensure that every family obtains full employment. By self-reliance we mean that women should be autonomous and self-reliant, individually and collectively, both economically and in terms of their decision-making ability..

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