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"Women Empowerment"

SHG(Self Help Group):-

Self-help group is a method of organising the poor people and the marginalized to come together to solve their individual problem.
The SHG method is used by the government, NGOs, TRUSTs and others worldwide.

Villages are faced with problems related to poverty illiteracy, lack of skills health care etc. These are problems that cannot be tackled individually but can be better solved through group efforts. Today ACHYUTANT groups known as Self help groups have become the vehicle of change for the poor and marginalized.

The strong belief by the individual to bring about change through collective efforts
· Effort is built on mutual trust and mutual support
· Every individual is equal and responsible
· Every individual is committed to the cause of the group
· Decision is based on the principles of consensus
· The belief and commitment by an individual that their standard of living will improve
· Savings is the foundation on which to build the group for collective action.

What We Care For :

Home Violence

Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married, living together, separated or dating.Achyutant is working for them and trying to stop the violence.

Gyno Help(Hospital)

Achyutant's main job is to perform medical exams of women’s reproductive organs, looking out for abnormalities and possible problems and ensuring overall wellness.Our Gynecologists are medical experts who are specially trained in women’s health.

Women Banking

Achyutant that provides strategic support, technical assistance and information to the village women. It is the largest global network of Achyutant institutions in terms of number of clients, and only one that explicitly designates poor women as the focus of its mission.

Scheme of Govt.(Women)

There are lot of schemes and programmes available for the rural & undevloped womem.They are totally unknown about the schemes.So Achyutant's main motto is to provide them the information about Govt. Schemes.Create a awareness among them for their devlopment.

Everything Related Work

Women are the backbone of our society.So in rural area womens are totally undevloped and struggling for their life.Achyutant gives them employment and make their future bright.So Our Trust provide every women related work for them and create a smile on their faces.

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